Multimedia Storytelling

Core Course

From earliest times, we have created stories to communicate important events, insights and experiences. Stories are basic building blocks for newspaper and magazine articles; films, photographs, advertising and public relations campaigns; and television and radio broadcasts.

Photojournalists, screenwriters, advertising executives, television directors, public relations managers, investigative journalists and graphic designers—all media professionals—must understand how to use story concepts and tools of storytelling to communicate to an audience. In this course, students will examine stories in many forms and analyze story form to become better storytellers in any field.

This course will primarily cover the production of the video component of a web site. More advanced courses on web production will advance the concepts of producing a fully functional multimedia web site.


Effective storytelling techniques, including the ability to identify, compare and contrast themes and characteristics in stories


  • Identify and use the underlying universal themes in stories.
  • Discern the elements of a good story by identifying the characteristics, analyzing the universal themes and evaluating the structures and components.
  • Demonstrate the duties of a multimedia producer by producing three projects.
  • Develop good storytelling techniques by writing concept statements, outlines, scripts and storyboards.
  • Engage viewers in content by using social media such as YouTube.


David Sutherland