Employer Support

Requesting Support From Your Employer

Graduate school is an investment in your future—both personally and professionally. As you consider how to finance this investment, we encourage you to explore support from your employer, as many companies offer employee assistance for higher education.

To aid you in requesting support, we have compiled a document that clearly outlines the basic tenets of our program and the benefits it can have for you and your company. Use this document to complement your support meeting with your employer:

Download Employer Support PDF

Additionally, here are a few important tips to keep in mind before calling a meeting:

1. Research Your Company’s Policies
Check with your manager or the human resources department to discuss funding opportunities available to you. If your company does not have an established tuition assistance policy, you may need to petition for funding. Most likely, you will not be the first employee to ask about education funding, and your HR representative should be able to explain your company’s process.

2. Know the Program
You should assume your company does not know anything about the Communications@Syracuse program, so it is important to do your research. Be sure you understand:

Demonstrating your knowledge of the program will show your commitment to your education, but it will also show your company that your education is a worthwhile investment.

3. Show the Benefits
It is important to make clear to your employer exactly how this program will be beneficial for your company. Research short and long term goals you could help reach with your newfound skills, and make a list of specific ways in which your education would make you more valuable to the organization.

4. Read the Fine Print
Often, companies that offer tuition assistance also expect something in return. This may be an agreement about how long you will continue to work for your company upon completion of the program or progress reports as you complete your coursework. You may also be required to maintain a minimum GPA. Be sure to ask your HR representative and manager what is expected of you if assistance is granted.

5. Negotiate Your Terms
While some employers are willing to fund an employee’s full education, others will offer partial support. Be sure to enter conversations knowing the amount of funding necessary for you to attend the program and be open to negotiating, if needed. The more flexible you can be, the more likely your employer is to agree to support your academic goals.

6. Drive Action
Let your employer know that they can speak with a Communications@Syracuse admissions counselor at Phone Number:844-797-2666 or admissions@communications.syr.edu if they have questions about the program or the application process.